A whiff of a journey.

Traveller Mindset

This story is from a while back. It was just another sticky day in the summer of 2014, to be precise. I used to work in an ad agency in those days. Long working hours, boring projects, horrible office politics and the general environment was eating away at me. The only good part about this office was the commute. And unlike many others I know, I enjoy the process of commuting.

My office was a good kilometre and a half away from the railway station, so I had to walk almost 20 minutes before I could board a train. It wasn’t exactly a pleasant stroll. It meant dodging a noisy, sweaty crowd in a perpetual rush and bearing with the ever-growing, ever-honking, impatient road traffic. Yet, it was better than being trapped in a stifling office space.

This incident happened at the end of a particularly washed out day at…

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Blushing Pink

Traveller Mindset

After a rather strenuous trek in Bhutan, I knocked on the door of a cafe, in the hope to find something to eat. What I found instead was a tiny little person in pink. I had just returned from the mesmerising beauty that is the Taktsang Monastery, but this little one’s quiet charm looked more stunning. Truth be told, this scene nourished me more than food could have.

On enquiring about the cafe; she uttered ‘closed’ in a barely audible voice and blushed to match the colour of her sweater. My friends and I tried to befriend her just as her brother decided to step out and act all protective. It took a DSLR and a massive lens for them to let their guards down and pose for us with a mix of confusion and joy on their faces. They reserved their adorable toothy smiles for later when they ran…

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How to spot a hipster?

“Hipsters” We all know a few & we all have been one when it comes to certain things, And i know for a certain fact that i transform into one on time & occasion. But now the whole hipsterism has come to a place where it’s really starting to become a stereotype. I am guessing... Continue Reading →

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